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   More than 100 years ago, two great men named Frederick W. Taylor and Frank B. Gilbreth Sr. had insight that have shaped the way we run our companies.  They observed something that always exists: There is One Best Way to do work or to manage a business among many ways in use and management has to find it to secure the creation of maximum and permanent prosperity.

Thomas Alba Edison, one of the greatest inventors of our time, understood its implication clearly. He directed his team of scientists and inventors by stating: “There’s a way to do it better—Find It!”

Since then, our understanding that there is One Best Way that exists among many ways has attracted the next generations of management consultants, executives, and academia around the world to find it. Our continuous search to find the One Best Way has changed the way we run a business in the last century. 

In this book called 'The One Best Way to manage a business according to science', we tracked and studied the evolution of One Best Way to do work or to manage a business in the last 100 years since Frederick W. Taylor, known as the father of scientific management, started the search to find it in 1911.


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Our mission is to start a new era of digital publishing banking on human values and understanding.

     The ease of downloading books, music, software, games, and movies on the internet can make everyone a thief. Without embracing good human values, our generations and the next are at risk. Here is a story that can help us understand the harmful effect of piracy in our societies.

     In Bill Gates' famous open letter to hobbyists more than four decades ago, he explained the problem of lack of good software courses, books, and software itself in the market. The problems he mentioned were aggravated by the fact that while they intend to deluge the hobbyists' market of good software by investing their time, the effort was not worth because their product was being distributed illegally for free. The non-payment of license fees and disregard of their rights to be paid for their work had prevented them to hire more programmers to develop more good software for the hobbyists' market. 

     Forty-four years after the publication of that letter, we can see how the development of many good software have changed our world and our ways of life. That is made possible because the license fees that we paid for software were reinvested by software companies to produce more good software. Today, with the ubiquity of the internet, the threat of piracy that can prevent our societies to have good software extends also to books, games, music, movies, and many other digital products. Without embracing good moral values to combat piracy, the progress of our societies and our world will slow down as few people can invest their time to develop good digital products as mentioned. 


   At socratesbooks.com, we are calling your attention on the harmful effect of piracy by allowing you to read a book and pay later based on the value you believe it is worth. You can choose also not to pay if you deem it has no value at all or it falls short of your expectations. We put everything on trust to people who embrace good human values. Many technologies that were developed to combat piracy have failed already. So, we use the human values as a means to combat piracy and book is just a beginning. We hope and aim to deluge our societies with more good software, music, movies, games, and other digital products as you respect the intellectual property rights and support our authors and future artists.

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Thank you for your respect on the author's work and intellectual property rights. At socratesbooks.com, we believe that to combat piracy on the internet we must know that piracy prevents the development of good books, music, games, movies, software, and other digital products. Hence, it is not only the authors that have been deprived of their rights to be paid on their works but also the  rights of other people to have a good books, music, games, movies, software and other digital products which become impossible to develop due to piracy.

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